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Vinyl Siding Overland Park
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Vinyl Siding Overland Park

One of the most popular siding options in the U.S. is vinyl siding. This siding features dual layers with the top layer made of capstock and the bottom layer made of substrate. Cornerstone Home Improvements supplies and installs quality vinyl siding in Overland Park and the surrounding Kansas City metropolitan area. We have plain and colored vinyl siding that can mimic architectural details of other types of siding.

Is Vinyl Siding Easy to Maintain?

Vinyl siding is extremely easy to maintain because it does not require painting and can be replaced easily in case it becomes damaged. In addition, you only need to wash it at least twice a year just to keep it looking fresh.

This siding is designed to be durable and resistant to the elements. In addition, it can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Our vinyl siding comes with ten or more years of warranty depending on the thickness.

What is the Cost of Installing Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is highly affordable even without the discounts that we offer to our clients in Overland Park, KS. In addition, the total installation cost for vinyl siding is low because we install it fast and do not have to paint it. On average, vinyl siding for Overland Park homeowners is often recouped up to 80 percent of the installation cost, as it increases the value of their properties.

What is Insulated Vinyl Siding?

Insulated vinyl siding features rigid foam insulation and is often installed permanently to the panel of a structure. Many homes feature this type of siding due to its excellent insulation properties.

This type of siding helps to make a home more eco-friendly by minimizing energy loss through windows. In addition, insulated siding is designed to last for decades, which reduces the amount of wastes in landfills.

Some of our insulated vinyl sidings come with organic termite and insect repellent to prevent damage to your property. In addition, our insulated vinyl siding is highly breathable and allows water vapor to escape minimizing the chances of mold and mildew growth while maintaining great indoor air quality.

What is the Cost of Vinyl Siding?

There are many grades of insulated vinyl siding and some come with more colors and styles. Therefore, the price of insulated vinyl siding varies depending on the grade. However, a key determinant of the price of vinyl siding is the size of your house. On average, insulated vinyl siding is more expensive than traditional vinyl siding.

There are many benefits of installing insulated vinyl siding. First, this type of siding is durable and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, it does not buckle easily at the joints thanks to the rigid foam lamination at the back of the panels. Many homeowners like the fact that insulated vinyl is low maintenance and does not require painting.

One of the best ways to increase the value of your property is by undertaking exterior projects such as the installation of vinyl siding. This type of siding adds an aesthetic touch to the appearance of your home and makes it energy efficient, which makes it a worthwhile investment. Call us for a free quote today.

Vinyl Siding Overland Park
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Vinyl Siding Overland Park
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