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Shower Doors Hialeah
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Shower Doors Hialeah

Shower Doors Hialeah

Quality Shower Doors Hialeah

Installing or replacing your shower doors in Hialeah can make a significant difference in the appearance and functionality of your shower. High Service Glass of Florida has a wide range of shower door options for you. Our shower doors come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs, including etched, clear, frameless shower doors in Hialeah FL, and fogged among others. Our representatives can help you choose the shower door that fits your taste and style.

Hinged Shower Doors

This is a favorite among our clients. This type of shower door works just like the regular doors in your house. Glass shower doors in Hialeah feature pivot joints, which allows them to swing open and close whenever you need to walk in or out of the shower.

Despite their conventional build and design, our hinged doors are incredibly versatile. They can fit different bathroom styles including standalone showers and big family washrooms. However, hinged shower doors look better on larger bathrooms than smaller ones.

If you decide to install hinged bathroom doors around your shower, make sure it has a glass base to add elements of elegance and beauty to the bathroom.

Sliding Shower Doors

Also known as the bypass shower door, our sliding shower doors work pretty much the same way as your sliding patio door. It features two glass panels propped on a track for easy rolling or sliding along its tracks.

Some of our sliding doors come with built-in mechanical rollers for easier opening and closing as well as easier shower door installation. Many of our clients ask for this type of shower doors because they look extremely good and are incredibly functional.

You can contact our shower door installers to install sliding shower doors on different types of bathrooms and bathroom accessories, including standalone showers and bathtubs. It is essential to consider the layout of your bathroom before installing sliding shower doors. This type of shower door does not require much space to install and is best suited for smaller bathrooms.

Fixed Bathroom Doors 

This type of shower doors can give your bathroom a modern look and enhance its look significantly. In addition, their functionality is not limited to standard bathrooms alone. If you have a modern, good-looking bathroom, you can use a fixed shower door to highlight the beauty of your bathroom.

As the name suggests, fixed shower doors are screwed onto fixtures. Therefore, they remain immobile after installation. We have different types of fixed shower doors, including ones that come with beautiful frames and etching on the glass to enhance the look of your bathroom. However, fixed shower doors are more suited for larger bathrooms.

Folding Shower Door

This type of shower door can make even the most drab bathroom come alive. Folding shower doors can add elements of class, sophistication, and elegance to any bathroom.

At High Service Glass of Florida, we have two types of folding shower doors: bi-fold and tri-fold. Our folding shower doors are unique with intuitive folding mechanisms, which makes them beautiful and functional.  They feature multiple glass panels; one is fixed to a wall while the rest fold and move freely. All the glass panels are attached to each other with flexible hinges.

Our frameless shower doors for sale as well as other shower door options are incredibly functional and make excellent choices for any bathroom design or style. Please call us today for a free quote.


Shower Doors Hialeah
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Shower Doors Hialeah
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