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Sewer Line Repair Oxnard

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With our friendly and professional plumbers, Kenz Plumbing provides the best service of sewer line repair in Oxnard. At our company, we know how to tackle all the issues that you might have regarding your plumbing system, so we make sure to work fast and effectively.

How long do sewer lines last?

Taking into consideration the most popular type of pipes, PVC, they should last over a hundred years, but its lifespan may change due to several factors. If your pipes are deteriorating and in need of replacement, you will start to notice some differences in the water that comes out of them. The most frequent sign is hearing strange gurgling sounds from the sewer lines, as well as finding sludge in your bathtub.

With more causes of damage being root intrusion and shifting soil, we provide sewer replacement as one of the easiest fixes to these issues. We have a cutting-edge and non-intrusive method that you proudly use to replace sewer lines, at your house, out in the street and at your front yard. Our plumbers also use high-quality materials, in addition to their exceptional workmanship.

Replacing the sewer lines

The most frequently-asked questions we get regards the price range. The answer to this question is rather difficult to achieve without knowing what our plumbers will be dealing with. However, we do offer a free estimate that will reflect the actual work. Furthermore, we will facilitate your payment with an 18-months interest-free loan.

Also, since we have the utmost care for our clients, you will only be without water for a few hours, due to our trenchless sewer replacement method. We will also own a city permit for our work and will act in conformity with the city code and inspection. Thus, you won’t have to worry about that if you hire our service of sewer line repair in Oxnard.

What are the signs of a broken sewer pipe?

There can be many signs of broken sewer pipes, with the most common being:

  • Blockages on sinks and bathtubs drain
  • The sewer odor
  • The appearance of mold
  • A slow drain
  • Spotting extra green and lush patches on your yard’s grass
  • Spotting an indentation on your lawn or under pavers
  • Foundation cracks

These signs can be quite noticeable if your house has an iron piping system, which only has a lifespan of up to 35 years. If your property is old, you may consider calling us and getting your pipes checked. But even if your pipes are recent, something as simple as tree roots can cause them damage. We highly advise you to seek our help before it becomes too late.

Repair sewer pipes fast

As you can see, we are certainly the most competent to take care of your repairs and other water problems. Our Kenz Plumbing customers are so satisfied with our services, including our offer of sewer line repair in Oxnard, that they are constantly leaving us five-stars reviews on all the most popular platforms. Try us out and see what this hype is all about!

Sewer Line Repair Oxnard