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residential renovations Kingwood

Article provided by: Superior Home Renovations

residential renovations Kingwood

A renovation is a complex process. Don’t leave this critical project to a novice firm. Contact the professionals at Superior Home Renovations. Our team will meet with you and plan every detail of your residential renovations in Kingwood.

What is a residential renovation?

A residential renovation is any renovation done on a residential structure. A residential structure is a building that people live in, while a commercial structure is one that houses a business. A residential renovation includes anything that is done to the structure to improve it. This can consist of both interior and exterior changes.

These renovations can vary in scope. They could involve stripping a house down to its bare bones or changing the siding on your home to brick. It all depends on your definition of a renovation.

Tips for a renovation

When completing a renovation of any size, your two most significant hires are your contractors and designers. These people can take your vision and bring it to fruition. A designer can take your ideas, sketch them out, and make sure these ideas are truly what you want for your property. They will also tell you if your ideas are realistic.

Your designer is also able to work with contractors to express your vision. Designers ensure the right finishings are purchased that meet your needs and the design aesthetic for your home. While you can buy your own materials and speak with your own contractors, that is not always the best choice. Designers are professionals and on a project of this scope that is the person to handle such matters.

Renovation vs. demolition

This is a very personal decision that, honestly, only a property owner can make. If the structure of the home is still sound, but everything else needs modernization, renovation is an acceptable route. Older homes still have excellent structures but need gutting, so modern elements like central heat/air can get added.  Our professionals can help you with any level of residential renovations in Kingwood.

However, if there are structural issues, those issues are more challenging to handle. It is possible that fixing the structure of the home is cost-prohibitive. A demolition makes more sense in that regard. Rebuilding the house from the ground up will cost around the same amount, and you can feel confident about the safety of the home.

Preparing for your renovation

A renovation can be a lengthy process depending upon the scope of what you need to do. During the procedure, there can be overruns in the time of the project and the cost. These overruns can delay you from moving back into your home. The best way to deal with this is to build these into your schedule. Add 20% to the budget you created with your contractor for good measure. Book your temporary housing for additional time. If the project ends on time, then terrific. If not, then even better. And you had made preparations that saved you a potential headache.

Get started on your residential renovations in Kingwood today by calling Superior Home Renovations. We have the experience and know-how we need to complete your project!

residential renovations Kingwood