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Mold Inspection Miami Beach

Article provided by: All Pro Restoration LLC

Do you suspect a mold infestation in your house? We, at All Pro Restoration Services, specialize not only in mold removal, but we have a qualified team of professionals that can do mold inspection in Miami Beach area.

Do you have mold in your house?

Several signs might show a potential mold and mildew presence in your home:

  • You or a family member recently started to have allergies related issues. Common reactions to mold may include sore eyes, a runny nose or nasal congestion, or frequent sneezing.
  • You noticed for a while a persistent moldy odor that might be an indication of mold presence even if you cannot see it.
  • The “good” part about the mold is that it is always visible, but you don’t have to ignore it or think that it is just soot or dirt.
  • Perform regular visual inspections of your basement walls and ceilings to spot a mold colony
  • Look up for signs of a moisture problem since mold grows in damp places. Can be water stains, discoloration on walls, or wall abnormalities like peeling, bubbling or cracking of the paint or wallpaper

If you notice some or all those signs, you may have mold in your house. The best thing to do now will be to call for a mold inspection in Miami Beach area so that inspector may confirm your suspicions and take further actions if necessary.

Do I need a mold inspection?

If you already spotted the signs mentioned above, you most probably don’t need an inspector to visit your premises. In the best case, the inspector will only confirm what you already knew. However, if you want to have the peace of mind for your specific situation, you may consult a specialist.

During the inspection, our specialist will also test the quality of air by using a "spore trap" to identify the number of mold spores present in the house. After the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report and conclusion whether you should go for mold removal or not.

How does a mold inspection work?

The inspection is mostly visual to check for damp areas, leakages or mold spots. We want to highlight here that our inspectors are highly trained and qualified to identify a mold colony in most unexpected places sometimes. Inspector will also collect air, surface, or even mold samples for further investigation.

During a mold inspection in Miami Beach, we will test the air or surface to find out what kind of fungus exists. We will then take the samples to a specialized laboratory, and we will inform you if the mold we found on your premises poses any health risks and if it can grow in your house.

To prevent any health issue that may affect you or your family because of it, we will make sure to take all measures necessary to deal with the problem fast. Following the inspection, we, at All Pro Restoration Services, will provide you with a comprehensive report, along with our recommendations regarding the next steps.

Mold Inspection Miami Beach
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