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Luxury Patio Designs
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Luxury Patio Designs

Luxury Patio Designs

When we think about luxury architecture, the first thing that comes to mind is glossy and glamorous furnishing. The classic image of fine architecture will have a lot of gold and glass to signal the expensive charm of the space. Today, fine architecture is more about the feeling we get from the space instead of the looks and prices. A broader perspective of a valuable home with refined style will include luxury patio designs that make us want to spend the entire outside because they look and feel amazing.

How We Build your Patio Cover For Luxury

Understand Your Vision

What is it that you want to achieve with your patio? Do you want a traditional space that feels like you are stepping back in time or a modern and luxurious one that looks like a piece from AD? Perhaps you want a rustic patio that will allow you to enjoy a barbecue season out in the summer, which means the material should be able to keep off smoke and smells with minimal maintenance.

The luxury patio design is a space that you should throughout all seasons and for many different events and purposes. Our expert designer should help you with a few innovative ideas for patio roof covers so you can get the perfect middle ground.

Get An Intentional Design

Creating a beautiful deck cover space takes a lot of time and creativity. Most people do not want the generic option and will use a few examples to find an inspirational architecture. Our team will do all the work to define your vision and add a personal touch by narrowing it down to things like the size for all your seats, décor styles of the materials and poles, and color hues that will blend well with your home. The ultimate goal is to dive into the possibilities of all tranquil designs and only choose textures, frameworks, and visual interests that add an edge of luxury.

Experiment On Lighting

Lighting goes a long way to add different functionality and aesthetics to the home. The most important thing we can do for you is to find a design and color scheme that will enhance the lighting. We want you to find a focal point with your lighting system and get just the right glow for a beautiful ambiance during the night.

Use Technology

How much time do you anticipate spending outside? You will appreciate the option to close up the covers if you want to spend several hours between swimming, relaxing at the pit, and reading a book under a solid shade.

We have manual patio cover plans that will maintain their shading style at all hours and automatic ones that will snap to a different angle with the press of a button. This means you can draw the louvers to a complete closure or open them back out to allow more air and sunlight.

The patio does not have to serve a singular purpose, so feel free to check in with our team for a complete consultation on patio cover ideas via 714-771-2108.

Luxury Patio Designs