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Irvine Handyman
Foundation Repair & Concrete Contractor
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Irvine Handyman

Irvine HandymanAre your household fixit projects getting a little out of hand? If you've got things to be done, but no time to do them, give East West a call at 888.639.9992. We do every sort of household repair. Get your to-do list together and contact us today. We'd love to be your Irvine handyman.

We understand that you probably don't want to spend your whole weekend attending to household fix-it chores, whether you know how to do household repairs or not. Here's something you can do. You'll feel as if you've accomplished something, and you'll be on your way to finally getting those nagging repairs done. Take a notepad and walk around your house. Start in any room, or begin in the yard. As long as you take a look at your entire house and yard, it's fine. Take a look at each room, from floor to ceiling. Are there holes in the drywall? Would you like to have one wall painted a nice accent color? Would you like a new window where there is not one now? Take copius notes, so when you speak with your East West Irvine handyman, you'll have a complete list of projects for him to do.

If your garage is more of a receptacle than a useful space, tell your East West Irvine handyman. Some shelving and pegboarg might be just the thing to transform that messy garage into a tidy, organized storage and work space. In the bathroom, check to see if there are any plumbing leaks. Is the fan in good working order? Are the fixtures up to date? How about the tile? We can replace some of all of the tile in your bathroom, if that's on your fix-it list. Do you love your home, but not all the maintenance? No worries. We are East West Handyman, and we love doing that sort of stuff. We can be your Irvine handyman.