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Garage Door Broken Springs In Greer Sc

Article provided by: Garage Door Doctor

Garage Door Broken Springs In Greer Sc

The garage door is one of the most critical access points on your property. It allows you to get in and out with your car comfortably and safely. It's also probably the most significant moving part of your home, and you should do the proper maintenance in time to allow it always work correctly.

However, even if you do the proper maintenance, at some point the door may fail. It is necessary to identify the fault and repair it so that you can return it ’s 100% of operativity. One of the most common problems resulting from wear is broken springs.

What Are Garage Door Springs?

These are two elastic devices placed on a bar above the garage opening that help push the structure up or down. The movement of the door depends on an electrical tracking (provided by the motor) and mechanical assistance provided by these springs. If either or both of them break, this will cause the door to malfunction.

There are two types of springs for garage doors. First, there are extension springs. These are attached to each side of the door and extend to the end of the rail, providing tension. The other type is torsion springs. The elastic force of these is given by the torque that the spring applies to a system of guavas that helps move the door.

How to Diagnose if Garage Door Springs Are Broken?

There are several symptoms you can identify to know if it is time to change these devices. One of them is that the door opens or closes unevenly, that is, faster on one side than the other. You may also hear buzzing or strange noises when the mechanism is working.

Another common failure when springs are broken is that the mechanism runs slowly. Finally, the door may not close at all, or may just not work. You can then make a visual inspection, and see that both devices are in good condition. If your mechanism presents garage door's broken springs in Greer SC you can consult us; Garage Door Doctor's technicians will be happy to assist you.

What to Do When Garage Door Springs Are Broken?

These types of devices have no repair, so the solution is to replace them. Also, it is advisable that even if only one is broken, the entire pair must be replaced. Otherwise, the new spring will run at maximum tension, and it is very likely that the other will be ruined quickly.

When changing springs, the wisest thing to do is to call a specialized technician. The task seems simple as to make DIY, but this type of mechanisms require specialized attention.

Having the service of a specialist technician will allow to do the repair safely. Also, these technicians have the tools and experience necessary for your garage door to quickly regain its functionality. Finally, the repairer will be able to check the rest of the system and suggest some other point of attention to ensure that you will enjoy your door in full working order for a long time.

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Garage Door Broken Springs In Greer Sc
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