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Energy Efficient Garage Doors Shawnee

Article provided by: Renner Supply Company

Making your home energy efficient is on the minds of many homeowners and home buyers today. Changing out the materials used in your home can greatly improve how well your home functions and can decrease your energy costs. Energy efficient garage doors in Shawnee are made to be much more cost effective than traditional doors.  

Attached Garage Doors

Garages that are attached to the home are one of the most common garage configurations. Attached garages become popular through the years because of the convenience of being able to enter and exit your vehicle without going outside. While this is certainly a benefit, one of the disadvantages of attached garages is that they outside air to enter the home. This can cause the house to require additional heating or cooling, increasing utility expenses.

Garage doors are the largest opening into any home. When the garage door is closed it should provide protection from the elements, security, and a buffer from outside temperatures. Energy efficient garage doors in Shawnee are available in various styles and with different R-values. The higher the R-value the better insulated the door is.

Understanding R-Value

Thermal resistance is measured by R-value in the construction and building industries. The R-value is a measurement of the energy efficiency of a product. In terms of garage doors, manufacturers rate their products using R-value. This allows you to more easily compare various doors to find the one that best meets your needs.

For example, a rating of R-8 has only a 90% reduction of heat flow while an R-32 rating has a 97% reduction. The ratings are based on 4,000 square feet of insulation. It is a requirement for most door manufacturers to list R-values of their products. This is in accordance with the Door and Access System Manufacturers Association (DASMA) in the United States and Canada.

Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Energy efficient garage doors in Shawnee are available from a number of manufacturers. The materials that the door is made from will greatly affect its overall efficiency. When choosing a garage door it is important to review the R-value to determine exactly how well it will insulate against outdoor temperatures.

The insulation in a garage door can be especially important when the garage is located under an occupied room of the home. Air from the garage will flow upward and can impact the temperature of the room.  If you utilize your garage for storage or as a workshop, you’ll want it to be protected from outside temperatures as much as possible. A well-insulated garage door will help to keep your garage at a more comfortable temperature and will keep it from causing your home to become too cold in the winter.

At Renner Supply Company we specialize in high quality garage door installation and service. We are a family owned business with a team of extremely skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We’re here to provide you with the best possible sales, installation and repair in the area. Contact us today to learn more about energy efficient garage doors in Shawnee.  

Energy Efficient Garage Doors Shawnee
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