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Elevator Pit Leak Repair Coquitlam
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Elevator Pit Leak Repair Coquitlam

Elevator Pit Leak Repair Coquitlam

Looking for an elevator pit leak repair in Coquitlam will save your commercial space from incurring too much overhead because you need to have your building elevator replaced. Leaks in commercial areas and public buildings are often not visibly seen but can cause a great danger to the structure’s integrity.

One of the areas often fails to be noticed the elevator pit, which over time, accumulates water caused by water table leaks and condensation caused by weather changes. An overlooked elevator pit problem leads to an unserviceable elevator because it damages the mechanism, including the electrical bits that make the entire system run.

 What is an Elevator Pit?

An elevator pit is the bottom area of the hoistway just below the carriage and the landing saddle. The purpose of an elevator pit is to provide a small clearance after the building’s terminal floor and maintain an open space for some elevator parts.

Though not necessarily prone to a lot of problems, elevator pits, however, can harbor several feet of water because of water leaks. Often located below water tables and just under the first floor of a building, an elevator pit accumulates water because of structural problems caused by soil movements and the water table rising and falling during seasonal changes.

What are the Other Causes of an Elevator Pit Leak?

Water seeping into unintended areas cause damage over time. Commercial buildings are prone to an elevator pit leak because of structural integrity. Some of the common causes of a leaking elevator pit include:

  • Damages incurred by the elevator waterproofing system during installation or incorrect application of waterproofing materials.
  • Repairs, adjustments, and alterations to adjacent a water table.
  • Seasonal changes
  • Water running in over the elevator sides, including spilled water from a cleaning bucket or mop.
  • There is no existing waterproofing system.

Though some of these are avoidable, an elevator pit is one of the most unrecognized building components in need of regular maintenance and cleaning. Concrete walls and floors can have kicker joints whichcause water to seep through. Ground water can also possibly enter through a brickwork’s weak points accumulating water at the elevator pit. 

What is Elevator Waterproofing?

Elevator waterproofing is an effective way of preventing water from seeping and accumulating at the bottom of the elevator. It is a tedious process which involves removing water accumulation and cleaning the under car components. Possible water entry is also carefully inspected and repaired to prevent future water damage.

Waterproofing an elevator pit can be done in several techniques:

  • Excavating the building’s foundation and installing a French drain.
  • Using chemical injections to repair cracks and possible areas where water seeps.
  • Leak mitigation and infiltration reduction procedures, including the use of water-activated polyurethatn grouts.
  • Using epoxy or spray coatings to seal dry surface cracks.
  • Applying structural liners for in-ground deteriorations.

Waterproofing your elevator pit is an essential part of keeping your commercial structure in check. It is not as expensive as replacing the whole elevator system and not as complicated as redoing the entire structure.

When looking for an elevator pit leak repair in Coquitlam, BC, always look for a trusted name. Fraser Valley Concrete Services offer a complete line of concrete fixing services, including elevator pit leak repairs. 

Elevator Pit Leak Repair Coquitlam